For more than a year now, we have been producing our Top 5 podcast, which explores what we feel are the five most important stories of the week. As a new year’s resolution, we challenged ourselves to take the concept of the weekly round-up, or “yesterday’s news tomorrow,” and make it a bit more compelling.

And so, behold,  The XC Top 5 Show, the competition that pits two running nerds against each other in order to score meaningless points!

Each week, two of our contributors or special guests face off, dissecting five stories from the week in the world of distance running and track and field. They offer their best and hottest takes to judge Michael Doyle, who rewards them in points. The panelist with the deepest knowledge and hottest takes will emerge from this five-lap sprint of ideas the victor. The prize? We give them the mic atop the podium to tell us something important or exciting they want to share with you. And seven days of bragging rights, of course.

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This week:

The inaugural Top 5 Challenge pits two of The XC's regulars against each other: Alex Cyr and Andrew Cruickshank.

In this episode, they debate:

The Nike Vaporfly... 1%?

A new study about carbon plated shoes indicates that they give its users a 1-2% speed boost (and not the advertised 4%). Still, is it time to freeze the old records and start a Supershoe Era Records Page?

Should Olympic Athletes Cut the Vaccine Queue?

IOC committee veteran Dick Pound said that Olympic athletes should have priority access to COVID-19 vaccines, so that the Olympics can take place. Is that the right thing to do?

A Sign of the End of Elite Running's Middle Class?

Journeyman pro track runner and elite Tweeter Kyle Merber retires. What does this mean for the track world's middle class?

Saucony Is Cutting Cheques

Canadian marathoner Trevor Hofbauer signs multi-year deal with Saucony. Is it a good move? And now that other brands are catching up to Nike, is elite running's sponsorship landscape changing?

Usain Bolt: Pop Star?

Usain Bolt just released a song called “Living the Dream,” which features a singer called NJ, who appears to be doing most, if not all, of the singing. Does Bolt ever drop a bar in this song, and does he have a future in the world of music?

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