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Each week, two of our contributors or special guests face off in The XC's Top 5 Running Show, dissecting five stories from the week in the world of distance running and track and field. They offer their best and hottest takes to the host, Michael Doyle, who rewards them in points.

The panelist with the deepest knowledge and hottest takes will emerge from this five-lap sprint of ideas the victor. The prize? We give them the mic atop the podium to tell us something important or exciting they want to share with you. And seven days of bragging rights, of course.

We’ll be pushing this show out both as a podcast on The XC’s feed each Monday, and as a video on our YouTube and IGTV channels, at around 7 p.m. ET. So be sure to  follow us @thexcorg and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This week:

This second episode of the Top 5 Running Show pits two of The XC's regulars against each other: Alex Cyr and Andrew Cruickshank.

In this episode, they debate:

Tracksmith's marketing conundrum

Last week, Outside Magazine published a story about running apparel brand Tracksmith, arguing that the company has made running culture something you can buy. The provocative piece lit a fire under running Twitter, but does the author have a point?

What happens if Cam Levins doesn't make Tokyo?

Canadian marathon record holder Cam Levins has one more shot to qualify for the 2021 Olympics. If he misses, will his legacy be forgotten?

Brianna McNeal, Olympic 100m hurdles champion, could face an eight-year ban

Think where's Waldo, but in this case, it's where's Brianna. The Olympic 100m hurdles champion is being charged with “tampering within the results management process" (our interpretation is that she didn't update the United States Anti-Doping Agency on her whereabouts) and is facing an eight-year ban. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Erriyon Knighton turns pro at 16

Florida high schooler Erriyon Knighton has officially accepted a sponsorship deal from Adidas, foregoing his high school and University eligibility. This past year, Knighton crushed a 200m at a meet in Tampa, running 20.33, ranking him second behind Usain Bolt in the under 18 category. But is 16 too young to deal with the pressures of turning pro?

Gary Robbins, uncharacteristically, raced a 10km  

Canadian ultrarunner Gary Robbins strayed from his usual mileage-hound ways and raced a meager 10km - in 34 minutes, no less. It got us here at the Top 5 Running Show thinking, are there any running goals we're afraid of trying?

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