When Rory Linkletter ran 61:44 at the Houston Half Marathon in January, we all thought he was a shoe-in for making his first Canadian Olympic team. The, of course, COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic and the Games in Tokyo were postponed.

Instead of packing it in for the year,  the 24-year-old undertook several projects and challenges to outrun boredom.

He started a podcast, he attempted to break Canada's one-hour run record, he bought a truck, he raced several virtual and in-person relays across the United States, he ran 2,000 feet up a mountain as hard as he could, he became a U.S. citizen, and now, he trains for his second-ever marathon.

In this episode, Alex and Rory touch on several of these topics and more.

Read our feature on Linkletter from last fall, on the eve of his debut marathon:

Rory Linkletter: The Misunderstood Monk
The Canadian went to BYU, (a Mormon university), he got married at 22, he rarely has a drink, and he’s not religious

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