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Each week, two of our contributors or special guests face off in The XC's Top 5 Running Show, dissecting five stories from the week in the world of distance running and track and field. They offer their best and hottest takes to the host, Michael Doyle, who rewards them in points.

The panelist with the deepest knowledge and hottest takes will emerge from this five-lap sprint of ideas the victor. The prize? We give them the mic atop the podium to tell us something important or exciting they want to share with you. And seven days of bragging rights, of course.

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This week:

The fourth episode of the Top 5 Running Show pits two of The XC's contributors against each other: Andrew Cruickshank and Justin Horneker.

In this episode, they debate:

A near sub-4 minute miler breaks Wall Street

Keith Gill became famous (and potentially very rich) this week, after leading a group of Reddit investors to drive up the stock price of Gamestop and making giant hedge funds feel the pain in the process. On top of being a savvy investor, turns out Gill was also once a 4:03 miler. Could a running company be his next investment target?

Will the NCAA ban Wavelight technology?

Last Sunday, Christian Noble, a collegiate runner at Lee University in Tennessee, ran a Division II record 13:37 indoor 5k. But the NCAA will not recognize it because he was aided by Wavelight technology, those little lights on the track that guided last summer’s big world record runs. Is it fair that Cheptegei's record stands but Noble's doesn't?

HBO's Real Sports just released a new documentary on Alberto Salazar

The HBO show Real Sports had a segment on disgraced Nike Oregon Project (NOP) coach Alberto Salazar. It includes one new allegation, from former NOP runner Dorian Ulrey — apparently Alberto fed him pills and powder. Should doping officials be taking a closer look at former NOP athletes?

The American Track League is being flooded with world class talent

The American Track League is back for a 2021 season with all meets being held in Fayetteville, Arkansas. With few racing options available, the meets are attracting some top North American talent. Is it enough to satiate track fans?

The 2021 Florida?

Amid speculation that Tokyo may pull out of hosting the 2021 Olympics, Florida's chief financial officer has told the International Olympic Committee that the state would be happy to host the games. Despite 11,000 COVID-19 cases a day, could Florida be the saviour the Olympics need?

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