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1. So long New York

Scheduled for November 1, the New York City Marathon has officially been cancelled. No rescheduling, no elite race, no nonsense. There is talk that a virtual race may take place, but nothing concrete. At least this cancellation came a little earlier than their 2012 debacle.

2. Berlin has fallen

This one we saw coming. In April, Berlin extended its ban on large gatherings through to the end of October. The Berlin Marathon was scheduled for Sept. 27. Just make sure you read the race’s fine print before deferring your entry until next year.

Fargodome - Wikipedia

3.🤔 Hamburg and Fargo Marathons: Courageous or dumb?

Speaking of Germany, Berlin’s northern neighbour Hamburg is looking awfully cheeky as they plan to run the Haspa Marathon Hamburg on Sept. 13. If that isn’t enough, Fargo, North Dakota—inspiration for the Coen brothers’ grisly film—will one up them by running the Fargo Marathon on August 29. Pro tip: if you run into someone using a wood chipper, run the other way.

For a guy who prizes his privacy, Galen Rupp cannot escape the spotlight. This week, a 2011 photo of the American 10,000m record holder wearing his infamous pollen-filtering mask resurfaced. Rather than reminiscing about how goofy he looked, people are using him as a figurehead to drive home the idea that Americans should wear masks during the pandemic. At The XC, we’re all for taking measures to curb the coronavirus (and wear a mask!), but Rupp seems like an odd role model for these trying times.

Galen Rupp Photos Photos: 2011 USA Outdoor Track & Field ...

5. Mo Farah aims to take down world record

Sir Mo is once again taking a crack at asserting his track dominance, albeit in a strange event. Farah will attempt to break Haile Gebrselassie’s hour-on-the-track record. Geb set the record in 2007 running 21.28 km. Will Farah be able to take the record down? At least we know he won’t get lost.