We all suspected that UBC’s Kieran Lumb might contend for the win at this year’s U SPORTS championship. He had run 5,000 metres faster than anyone in the field, and the last time he had raced on Fort Henry, he had won the Canadian junior XC championship. Still, he came into the race an underdog.

That’s probably because the 21-year-old applied sciences student had yet to race a U SPORTS championship. We thought he might need a year of seasoning before beating more experienced varsity athletes. But, as Lumb opened his stride, spread the field thin and ran away from everybody with just a kilometre to go, we were collectively reminded that, U SPORTS experience or not, speed is speed.

Here, the newly minted champion tells us more about his first year in Canada’s varsity circuit, his time spent in Singapore of 2018, and his moonlighting as an uphill runner.

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