Today Alex Cyr is joined by two fit, restless, potential future Olympians from British Columbia.

John Gay has represented Canada in three separate international competitions since early 2019, including the world athletics championships in Doha late last year in the 3,000m steeplechase — that's especially impressive considering the world has been shut down for nine of these past 24 months.

Kieran Lumb is the 2019 Canadian U Sports cross-country champion, and as of February, the Canadian U-23 record holder in the indoor 3,000m.

Both were in great fitness when COVID sent the world into lockdown in March, so they decided to essentially quarantine together in a cabin to keep some sort of momentum going. Just last week, they got to prove their post-lockdown fitness over 10,000m, where Lumb stopped the clock at 28:17, and Gay at 28:18. Both trailed the winner, 2016 Olympian Luc Bruchet, by milliseconds.

Today John, Kieran and I talked about that race, but also about venturing into the world of professional running, about dealing with a busy school schedule, about making a push for the Olympics, and at one point, John tells his dad that he loves him. Really sweet listen until the end. I had fun recording this conversation, and I hope you enjoy.

Out of Lockdown and into an Olympic Year” - Training partners Kieran Lumb and John Gay spent the early days of COVID hiding from the world in a cabin. They emerged as two of Canada’s newest Olympic hopefuls.

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