The Marathon Project delivered on its promise — it was a wild, consequential and highly entertaining way to cap off 2020.

The XC's Alex Cyr and Michael Doyle pivot from watching the race to provide their immediate reaction to what just went down in the Arizona desert.

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They break down Sara Hall's stunning performance and near American Marathon record (Deena Kastor's 2004 barely survived after one gutsy effort by Hall), and Keira D'Amato's surgical strike in the second half to grab an impressive second place. We also discuss Kellyn Taylor's risky move to follow Hall and 2:19 pace for a chunk of the marathon.

Canada also had two huge breakthroughs at the distance, including Natasha Wodak's perfectly paced Olympic-qualifying run, and what all this means for Tokyo.

On the men's side, they talk about Martin Hehir's all-time risky (and brilliant) second half, and the significant Olympic marathon implications for Team Canada after virtual unknown Ben Preisner crushes his debut.

Cyr and Doyle speculate on the lasting legacy The Marathon Project may have on distance running in North America, particularly as a form of entertainment.

Plus, we go deep on what happened to Cam Levins, and what it means for his near future.

If you joined out live pod/watch party, thanks so much for making it a bit of a thing for a couple hours there online, and we apologize for the feed dropping. We'll iron out the kinks for our future live coverage of big events! Even still, we had a lot of fun, and hope you did as well.

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