One of our big goals at The XC is to provide the running community with a diversity of experiences, points of view, and well-informed opinions. If you have a strong story, hot take or unique insight into an aspect of running culture, we want to help elevate your voice.

A piece on The XC is typically a nuanced and well-timed point of view on what's happening in the running community. Be it a critical perspective on a major city marathon, or an unusual insight into runners' everyday lives, or perhaps a revealing and necessary revelation that no other running publication would dare touch — the piece should always elevate the conversation. We are not afraid to support honest and urgent perspectives, even if they are critical of brands or powerful corporate players in the running world. In fact, that's where we shine brightest.

We are also looking for personal stories — told in the first person, with an ability to connect to the commonalities that we runners all share, yet with your specific point of view and story at its core. If you feel you have something specific and compelling to say, we want to hear it.

The sort of subjects we’re interested in include:

  • Op-Ed contributions about the state of the sport
  • Specific cultural vantage points that provide a look into an intriguing subculture within the running community
  • Athlete perspectives on a major issue
  • How social justice and running intersect
  • Points of view on emerging shoe technologies
  • Canadian-specific experiences, as we're based in Canada

What we want to see in a pitch:

  • A clear headline in the subject line of your email
  • A brief summary of your story or point of view
  • A brief bio as it pertains to your pitch
  • Why your story matters and who it will connect with
  • Links to previous writing (not necessary, but helpful)
  • The deadline, if it's a time sensitive piece

We aren't interested in:

  • PR or marketing firm inquiries (we don't do advertising, paid or unpaid)
  • Brand content marketing-related pitches from "ambassadors" or influencers
  • Poetry or previously unpublished fiction
  • Work that has been previously published
  • Race reviews or reports
  • Training guides
  • Fitness or diet tips (we're not a legacy running magazine)

Send your pitches to

We will only respond to pitches we consider to be a potential fit for The XC.