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Cameron Levins is one of the best marathoners in North America. But at the onset of an Olympic year, he finds himself in an unimaginable situation — Levins has yet to qualify for the Tokyo Games, and he's only got one shot left this spring. Not only that, but his ambitions to run much faster than his Canadian national record of 2:09:25 (run in his debut marathon) have perhaps led him to fail in his three subsequent attempts at the distance. Now, with all three Olympic team spots occupied for the Canadian marathon squad, Levins is forced to do something truly special just to make it back to the Games.

Hosts Alex Cyr and Michael Doyle break down Levins career thus far, look at his triumph and struggles in the marathon, and ask pointed questions about the extraordinarily gifted and ambitious marathoner's performances, his options for locking up a spot on the Tokyo start line, and what happens to his career and legacy if he misses a second straight Games.

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Cam Levins Has One Chance Left to Redefine His Legacy
He’s one of North America’s best marathoners, but he is one race away from missing the Olympic Games. A deep dive on his career thus far, and what he must do to make it to Tokyo

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