The XC's Alex Cyr and Evan Ubene, a.k.a. the Twitter presence known as Not Trackie and host of the Running Hot Takes podcast, decided to see who could build the best fantasy cross-country team, in place of getting to watch Canada's best distance runners race in Abbotsford, B.C. this fall.

The result includes a few surprise picks, and one Olympian shockingly left on the board.

You can listen as a podcast below, or watch our Draft Show video πŸ‘†:

Here are the rules, which are similar to a typical pro team sports fantasy draft:

They each must build a classic cross-country team of seven women and seven men, totalling 14 picks each.

A "no pick" list was agreed upon at the beginning of the draft that included a few runners who never race ACXC.

These two GM's can draft in whatever manner they wish, meaning they can select as many women or men in a row as they wish, but of course run the risk of creating a lopsided team if they are not balanced in their selections.

They each have 45 seconds to make their pick.

They are using a "snake draft" format, meaning that the order goes: Team A, Team B, Team B, Team A, Team A..." etc. for 28 total rounds.

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And the first pick in the 2020 ACXC Fantasy Draft goes to...